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Never Stop Never Stopping

If you know us, you know we squeeze in travel whenever possible. So our flight home from LAX was not the end of our summer travel. After a week spent cleaning out the house to prepare for the remodel, we hoped in the car and headed south for a three-week trip. We went back and […]

Squeezing in a bit more fun

We left Tahoe and continued driving south, this time along highway 395, a road that I don’t think I had ever driven on so far south. It is definitely the desert out there (at one point Luisa looked out the window and asked “who broke the world here?”) but beautiful in its own way. And […]

A Few More Days

We spent our last few days in Tahoe with my college friend and her daughter (who we had also met up with in Sacramento a few weeks earlier) to squeeze in some more quality time together. We swam in the pool, spent an afternoon at the beach, my friend and Luisa set up an amazing […]

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