Why Long-Term Travel?

A little bit about how we came to the decision to embark on a long-term travel trip with our four young children.

Many people have been very curious as how we came to take this trip, so we thought this would be a good place to put it all in writing. We are a family of travellers! Both Steffen and Julia grew up traveling with their families, then continued exploring the world through study abroad, international internships and a two-year stint in the Peace Corps. Once our daughters were born, we continued traveling, exploring the United States, Australia and Europe together. While many people caution against traveling with young children, we found it enjoyable and rewarding. We moved to Germany in summer of 2015 and have since visited 13 countries on various road trips during the girls’ school vacations.

So why do long-term travel?

  • Because it gives us the time to really explore places, go at our own pace and connect with the culture and nature of the countries we will visit.
  • Because our children are growing fast and we really love spending time together as a family, so figured now was the time to go (our eldest daughter is starting 7th grade in the fall).
  • Because we are lucky that (and have worked really hard to get to this place) Steffen can work remotely and Julia can homeschool the girls, so logistically it works.

We hope you enjoy following along on our adventure!


a look back at a few of our past adventures

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