Driving, Drooling, Driving, Drooling


On Saturday and Sunday we had two long driving days, but we were rewarded with some fabulous views along the way. And we lucked our way into yet another fantastic campground for Saturday night.

Saturday’s blues, every shade possible

At some point on Saturday, Steffen and I looked at each other and said, after about 400km, let’s look for a campground. We pulled over at a KOA campground, and were very pleasantly surprised. It was a beautiful night!

On Sunday, more driving, more incredible views

We were looking for a picturesque stop for a couple hour break for lunch and leg stretching, but ended up just stopping at a bland rest stop because it was getting late. After eating, we went exploring a bit and found this gorgeous river just over the small hill at the rest stop. There literally are no ugly places in Norway!

And then on Sunday evening, we ended up at Yttervik Camping in Dalsgrenda, on the Ranfjorden, about 100km south of the Artic Circle. We will spend the week here, relaxing, playing, homeschooling, working and getting into a rhythm. We will continue our drive north again this weekend.


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  1. Liebe Julie, Steffen, Hannah, Charlotte, Olivia und Luisa. Danke für Eure tollen Berichte, Bilder und die Bewertungen der Campingplätze. Ihr macht das wirklich super. Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Glück, gute Stimmung und das passende Wetter zu den schönen Gegenden. Freue mich über jeden neuen Bericht. Liebe Grüße Bernhard, Vatta und Opa.

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