Campground Reviews (July 2020)

I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of the campgrounds we stay at every month as a record for us and maybe to help fellow travellers that ever find themselves visiting one of these places. So far, apart from the Denmark campground where we needed to book in advance in order to enter the country (due to Covid-19 regulations), we found all the campgrounds “on the road”; either by doing a quick google search along the way or by seeing signs on the road and stopping in.


In early July we spent 10 days at Gyvelborg Farm and Campground in Nørre Snede, Denmark, right smack in the middle of the country.

Pros: family-friendly, very relaxed environment, very helpful staff, a lot of activities for the kids at the campground, reasonably priced, clean facilities with everything you need

Cons: not a lot to do in the surrounding area

Luisa says, “I liked the guinea pigs. I liked the swing. I liked the play cars.”

Five out of five stars!


Next, we stayed two nights in Oslo, Norway at Ekeberg Camping Oslo, on the south end of the city next to the Ekeberg Park Sculpture garden.

Pros: great location near city center, large, open area with plenty of space, reasonably priced, great city views, washer and dryer available

Cons: facilities were not very clean, no activities for kids at campground, felt impersonal

Hannah says, “I have nothing to say. We were only there one day! It was boring and boring.”

Three out of five stars


We spent just one night at Hålimo Camping in Ryfoss, Norway but it left an impression! I do wish we had stayed one more day to take advantage of the river for kayaking.

Pros: beautiful location, clean faciliities, kind owners, nature where children could play, reasonably priced

Cons: limited facilities, it was mainly full of permanent campers so it felt a bit like we were imposing

Olivia says, “It was really pretty and the water wasn’t so cold.”

Four out of five stars


We then headed to Lunde Camping in the Aurland Valley, in between Oslo and Bergen, in Norway. I loved the campground and little town so much, I fantasise about spending the summer there every year!

Pros: beautiful location, great amenities, clean facilities, relaxed environment with incredible views, a lot of places to explore in the area, reasonably priced

Cons: more crowded, very small playground

Charlotte says, “I liked the dogs camping next door. And the campground was pretty.”

Five out of five stars!


We continued along towards Bergen, stopping for a few nights at Sæbo Camping nestled between the Eidfjord and the Hardangervidda National Park. This was voted “Best Campground so far” by Steffen.

Pros: beautiful location, good amenities, clean facilities, relaxed environment with incredible views, a lot of places to explore in the area, fun playground and right on the lake so tons for the kids to do, reasonably priced

Cons: the lake was soooo cold

Hannah says, “The water was very cold, but I still enjoyed swimming in it!”

Five out of five stars! A family favorite!


We then settled into a city campground just outside of Bergen for 3 nights, Bergen Camping Park. It was more of a motel with cabins and then they would squeeze in campers or RVs wherever they fit. It definitely did not feel like a place you would hang out for the day.

Pros: reasonably priced, very friendly and helpful staff

Cons: facilities not very clean, few amenities, took about 45 minutes to get into Bergen city center, didn’t feel super safe

Steffen says, “It had mixed reviews, and now I know why.”

Two out of five stars


After Bergen we stayed two nights on the eastern side of the Jotunheimen National Park at the Jotunheimen Caravan Camp (they don’t have a website). This was one of the campgrounds that we just stopped at because we were done driving and we saw their sign.

Pros: reasonably priced, clean facilities, good amenities, helpful staff, gorgeous location. lots to do in the area

Cons: small playground, no dryer

Olivia says, “I liked the chickens. There were three in the coop near the bathroom.”

Four out of five stars


Our last campground in July was one night at KOA Camping by the Trondheim Fjord.  This time we decided at some point we wanted to drive around 400km that day, so once we hit that we started looking around for a place to sleep and happened upon this gem.

Pros: gorgeous views, space for the girls to play, good amenities, clean facilities, reasonably priced

Cons: crowded

Charlotte says, “The water was way too cold, but I still liked it.”

Five out of five stars!

I would say we’ve been really lucky to happen upon these amazing campgrounds, but it seems as though there are no ugly parts of Norway!

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