A Relaxing Week


Last week we spent a week at a picturesque, small campground south of Mo i Rana, right on a fjord. It was idyllic! Specifically, we stayed at Yttervik Camping in Dalsgrenda, and it was a wonderfully relaxing week. We got two sunny days, two rainy days and one cloudy day, which was actually a nice mix. On the rainy days we did schoolwork, caught up on chores and played games inside. On the sunny days we went swimming (well, just Hannah because the water is ice cold), went out on a boat ride and played outside for hours. It was a nice break from the busy days in Bergen and the long driving days.

One evening I opened up my hairdresser business. 🙂 Charlotte has been asking for bangs, and Hannah and Olivia wanted a trim. I’ve cut the girls’ hair many, many times, but this “Mommy Salon” had the best view!

Steffen and I also each got out for a run one afternoon. First bit of “real” exercise since starting the trip! I snapped a few photos along the way.

The campground really was gorgeous! I think we took fifty pictures just of the view from our camper. Very interestingly, the campground emptied out every morning and was full again by the end of the day. It seems as though (since Norway is so big?), people are definitely on the move here. We had called the campground about two hours ahead of time, to see if they had space for us for a week, so they saved the best spot for us. Right on the water. We were so grateful!


sunset on our first night

beautiful even on the foggy days

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