Campground Reviews (August)

A look at the varied places that we stayed at in August. We started the month in the middle of Norway and are ending the month in the middle of Finland, driving almost 2500km (1500 miles) in four weeks.

Our first stop in August was a weeklong stay at Yttervik campground, a beautiful campground right on a fjord and conveniently located right on the E6 highway.

Pros: gorgeous location, family-friendly, great facilities (they had an oven we could use!), relaxed environment, boats to rent and minke whales to see!

Cons: not much to explore in the area (but the campground location was so good, it didn’t matter)

Luisa says, “I loved when I got to drive the boat!”

Five out of five stars!

After our week on the fjord, we headed over to the Lofoten islands. We spent one night on the side of the road and then one night at Kongsmark campground. We didn’t see much of the area, but it was a comfy place for the night.

Pros: reasonably priced, felt safe (much of the Lofoten is very windy which gives me a lot of anxiety, this place was nestled in the valley), good facilities, kind owner, convenient

Cons: nothing for the kids to do, feels out of the way

Charlotte says, “It rained the whole time and it was boooooorrriiiing.”

Four out of five stars

We left the Lofoten and got back on the road north. We spent two nights at Artic-Lyngen campground. Again, absolutely gorgeous location!

Pros: breathtaking location and scenery, girls had a ton of space to run and play

Cons: felt like we were an imposition because they had just had an event and were (sort of) closing down for the season, complete lack of facilities, expensive

Hannah says, “I liked it because it had a teepee and we played Indians.”

Three out of five stars

In mid-August we finally made it to the North Cape! We spent a few nights up there, at Base Camp North Cape campground. It was clear that the weather was turning and the season was ending, so we left after a few days.

Pros: closest campground to the North Cape, good facilities, beautiful location, reindeer running through camp was a highlight!

Cons: felt very exposed, weather wasn’t very good so we couldn’t take advantage of the little lake or really explore the area

Olivia says, “It was fun to see the reindeer run by us.”

Four out of five stars

Our first stop in Finland was to Kaamanen Kievari campground for a few nights. It took a couple of days for us to warm up to it, but we left feeling really good about it.

Pros: great “extras” (fireplace hut, pool table, big kitchen), beautiful location, lots of space, reasonably priced

Cons: older facilities, strange campsite configuration

Steffen says, “It grew on me. The fireplace hut turned it all around.”

Four out of five stars

We then spent a week exploring Rovaniemi, staying at Ounaskoski Camping.

Pros: great location both with regard to beauty and convenience, tons of things to do in the area, family-friendly, playground and nice kitchen

Cons: expensive, not great bathrooms/showers

Julia says, “The location was absolute perfection! Well worth the price.”

Four out of five stars

Our last stop this month was Kattivankkuri campground in Voukatti, about at the mid-point of Finland. We intended to stay for two nights and five nights later, we are still here!

Pros: tons of kid activities, gorgeous location with lots to do, friendly owners, reasonably priced, family-friendly, good amenities, good facilities

Cons: none

Hannah says, “It is very nice, and I like the playground with the trampoline.”

Five out of five stars!

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