Flexibility in Poland

We crossed the border to Poland on Sunday, though you never would have known because it was (another) unmanned crossing. My favorite kind!

We took a lunch break at a grocery store parking lot (Sundays mean stores are closed so we were able to cook and eat in the camper) where there was also lots of space for some exercise.

Then we drove a bit longer and arrived at the gorgeous, remote Tumiany Campground in Barczewo in the Mazury region. We loved it upon arrival. Tons of space, beautiful lake, nice facilities and friendly owners. The girls played a bit, we had dinner and settled in on Sunday evening.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night we realized that there was no wifi or cell service, making it impossible for Steffen to work. Additionally, a thunder and lightening storm was headed our way for Monday evening which is a scary proposition in a camper on an empty campground. So we made the executive decision to head to a hotel for two nights, Hotel Azzun. It was close by with an indoor pool and the girls were thrilled! We all enjoyed sleeping in real beds, having a bit more space and eating gourmet meals at the hotel restaurant.

this was the campground Monday morning: hard to believe a storm is coming, but it did arrive in full force that evening

We arrived at the beautiful hotel looking a little weathered.

But we quickly cleaned up and jumped right into hotel life!

This morning we (reluctantly) checked out and went on our way. We drove a few hours west to Malbork, Poland where we will spend a few days. We settled at the Camping on the Pond campground where we are (again) the only guests. That seems to be a trend the past few weeks since school is in session everywhere and Covid-19 is slowing international travel considerably. We are excited to explore a bit again after taking a week off of sightseeing. šŸ™‚

And admittedly, it does feel pretty good to be back in our home.

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