Campground Reviews (October)

We didn’t spend much time camping in October. 🙂 We started the month off in Lithuania where we camped, then we slept at three different campgrounds in Poland (none stellar) and one hotel before arriving in Germany where we convinced a farm to let us camp there and then headed to friends and family for the rest of the month. But in keeping with tradition, I’ll review our four (and a half) campgrounds and the hotel.

We left our absolute favorite campground in Latvia and ended up at an empty campground in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania, Kaunas Camp Inn. We were very thankful that the owner allowed us to stay there and gave us a great rate!

Pros: kind owner and caretaker, reasonably priced, good facilities, playground and tennis court

Cons: felt lonely and slightly unsafe seeing as we were alone in the middle of the city (though there was a locked gate)

Olivia says, “It was really pretty, and I liked to play tennis. And I liked that we were all alone.”

Three out of five stars

From Lithuania we drive southwest to Poland. We landed at the gorgeous Camping Tumiany. Unfortunately we only stayed one night due to lack of internet access and an incoming thunder and lightning storm.

Pros: gorgeous lake, lots of space to play and roam, good restaurant on site, good facilities (minus wifi), would likely be an awesome place to spend a week or two in the summer

Cons: lack of wifi, felt very isolated because it was so big and empty

Hannah says, “I liked the playground, but we didn’t didn’t stay long.”

Three out of five stars

Our next stop was the Hotel Azzun Orient where we got spoiled for two nights! We all really enjoyed this stop.

Pros: amazing indoor pool area with hot tub and saunas, delicious and inexpensive restaurant, good-sized rooms that were clean and comfortable, helpful staff

Cons: hotel rooms were pricey

Charlotte says, “I loved it! I loved the pool.”

Five out of five stars!

Our next stop in Poland was Keeping Nad Stawem in Malbork where we spent three nights. This one definitely had a few more cons than pros!

Pros: located across the river from the beautiful castle

Cons: loud location, dirty facilities, the only thing beautiful about Malbork is the castle, attractions were closed

Luisa says, “It was interesting that they said the climbing park would be open but it wasn’t. I think they wanted to trick us. The castle was pretty.”

One of five stars

Finally, we spent one night camping in Szczecin at Camping Marina, right outside the city. We only had a little time to explore, but it was nice!

Pros: friendly and helpful staff, reasonably priced, good restaurant on site for breakfast, lots of space but still felt homey

Cons: just okay facilities

Steffen says, “Oh, I liked that one! We could have stayed longer. The water was so beautiful in the morning.”

Three out of five stars

Our final campground in October wasn’t really a campground but rather a farm in which the owners so kindly allowed us to camp for a few nights, Reit- und Erlebnishof Preddöhl.

Pros: friendly owners, lots of animals, girls had plenty of space to play, good bathroom facilities

Cons: dishwashing facilities were not great, no washer/dryer

Julia says, “I loved taking the huskies for walks! And the area was great for running and taking walks. The owners seemed like really good people who took in rescue animals and were foster parents, so I was happy to help support them.”

Five of out five stars

And from then on in October, we stayed with family and friends!

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