Saturday on Texel

On Saturday we packed up the car and headed to Den Helder to take the ferry over to the island of Texel. Everything is contactless for the ferry–we bought the ticket online and then as we drove up to the entrance, they scanned our license plate, the gate lifted and we went through without seeing a single worker. We then got an email confirming that our online ticket had been used. We stayed in the car for the 20 minute ferry ride and then started exploring the island.

Our first stop was Oudeschild, the fishing harbour of the island. It is situated at the Wadden Sea dyke. We walked around, enjoying the beauty and checking out the very small town. So picturesque!

We then continued driving north and took a stop alongside the road to check out the view. The girls played among the rocks for a bit until Charlotte ended up falling. Poor girl! But she was fine after a bit. Just her pants suffered.

Finally, we ended up at the northern tip of the island where there is a huge, sandy beach and a lovely lighthouse. Again, very picturesque!

Then it was time to head back to the ferry, and we caught a gorgeous sunset on the way. What a lovely way to end a nice day!

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