Pony Riding

All four of our girls are horse lovers, and Hannah and Charlotte have been missing their weekly riding lessons, so I searched online for a nearby barn where they could ride. We found the very friendly Dapperstal in  Sint Maartensbrug, about 25 minutes away. We signed them up for a one hour session on Thursday, November 19th, and they were so excited! All six of us went and had a lovely time. The owner was very kind and knowledgable and did a great job teaching them a few things.

They worked in pairs to get the two Shetland ponies, Igor and Rafeal, ready.

Then Luisa rode Rafael, Olivia rode Igor, and Hannah and Charlotte took turns on a larger pony, Pip.

As we headed home, happy and tired and fulfilled. And then we saw this amazing double rainbow from the parking lot. A great end to as fun morning!

We had such a great time, we booked another lesson for this week. So we headed back on Monday morning, this time on a beautiful sunny day. Olivia rode Igor again, Luisa rode Rafael again, Hannah rode Pip again, and this time Charlotte got a chance to ride Jits. Everyone was happy!

I’m so glad we found this barn!

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  1. Hello Gnegelfamily, I just see your website now. I loved to see the photos of my ponies and the comments you gave. I hope that you’re childeren still love ponies and horses. At the photos you showed I saw a rainbow, and for me that was a sign that my father was nearby (in heaven), a real horse man. Regard, Annemieke from Dapperstal

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