Winter Boating

As you may know, the Netherlands is well-known for its many waterways. There are several small canals around our rental house, and the owner very kindly offered us this rubber boat to use for a few days. Only Hannah and Charlotte were brave enough to go out (and it did end in tears from Hannah because she got wet and then very very cold), but overall they had fun.

We still have the boat and a few more days here, so maybe they’ll take it out again. Though it is getting very cold here! It is below freezing at nights now. Brrrr.

Yesterday we headed to an area known as “The Realm of a Thousand Islands” and rented a little electric boat to explore the area. There is a museum (Museum Broeker Veiling) where you pick up the boat that we did not visit but looks interesting, too. It was very beautiful but (again) very cold! I would love to go back in the summer; maybe rent one of the houses right on the water for a week or two and spend the time boating, swimming and enjoying the sun. There was no sun on the day we went! And it was the second boat ride in two days that ended with Hannah crying because she was too cold….

Despite the cold, we really did have a great time. And Steffen’s hoping to sneak one more trip in before we leave…

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