Sunday Funday

On Sunday we went on a really fun adventure! I’m always looking for fun things to do and for the first time, I noticed that Airbnb actually has a ton of “experiences” that are run by locals. So we booked a private tour of one of Portugal’s oldest bull farm, outside Santarem (about an hour east of where we are staying). We were driven through the pastures on a tractor pulling a hay wagon while our host explained all about the farm, the bulls and Portuguese history and traditions. It was fascinating!

This giant dog was obsessed with Luisa! He wasn’t aggressive in a mean way, but would not leave her alone; sniffing her, jumping on her, following her. She was safe up on the trailer, and then as we walked around the farm, they put him in a fenced yard.

After visiting the bulls, we drove over to the  Lusitanian horses.

Then we got out and walked around the farm, learning more about past traditions and how things have evolved. The farm started in 1876 and is still owned by the same family, though they only have 10% of the land they had at the height of operation (from 7000 acres down to 700 acres). They also rent out much of their land to a German company who manages solar panels. But they believe in the traditions of Portugal, so maintain a herd of about 45 bulls and 9 horses.

Our host, Antonio, was so kind! He told us about a delicious restaurant nearby with traditional Portuguese cuisine so we headed over there. Then we met back up with Antonio at his adventure park where we went on the zip lines and learned how to shoot with the pinball gun. He also walked us all around the property and explained how he built it and what his future plans are. It was great!

And as the day wrapped up, we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset! It was one of the first times on this trip that we felt like we got to know some locals and saw a glimpse of what Portuguese life is like, which was wonderful. A very fun Sunday!

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