Christmas, different yet the same

Like many people around the world, this year’s Christmas was different from all the rest; yet somehow also the same. Like always, the girls woke up early on Christmas day and were thrilled to see that Santa had come! The girls were surprised this year to see that they did have a stocking because we had forgotten to pack ours and have limited space in the camper, so I had told them no stockings this year. But it’s such a fun tradition that I knew they would miss, so when I saw a few cheap stockings in the Netherlands, I picked them up. Hannah especially was so happy! They only got a few toys (remember: not much space in the camper!), but enough that they were excited and felt the magic. And we all got something we really wanted!

Something that I especially love about the girls getting older is they are as excited to give us and each other gifts as they are to receive them. And they are very thoughtful gifts that they put a lot of time into. Hannah, Charlotte and Olivia have been planning, crafting, writing, drawing and sewing since early November in order to get their gifts ready. So sweet!

Then we spent the day as we usually do on Christmas: in pyjamas all day, playing, eating, relaxing, watching Christmas movies, basking on the magic of the day. Of course, the glaring difference was that it was just our immediate family. We did get to talk to all of my family, which was very nice, but its not the same. We miss the hugs, the laughs, the time together. There is some comfort in knowing that most people are going through the same thing.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are able to spend this week between Christmas and New Year’s relaxing with your loved ones.

one of my favorite holiday traditions: sending and receiving holiday cards (this year ours was digital)
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