Lockdown in Portimão

I haven’t updated the blog in a few weeks because we have been on strict lockdown here in Portugal, similar to how things were in Germany in spring 2020. So we’ve been staying home, only venturing out to the grocery store a couple of times. A quick article about the Covid-29 situation here. Portugal was actually doing really well at containing the virus until Christmas came and people visited friends and family and travelled abroad. They have been trying to contain it again ever since and it will be at least a couple of more weeks of strict lockdown. I have started doubling up on masks when I go in the store.

The highlight of the past two weeks was Inauguration Day in the USA. This was the first time the girls were old enough to really watch and understand and it was such a momentous occasion with Kamala Harris being sworn in as Vice President and the removal of Trump. A huge sign of relief and celebration (full-well knowing that things haven’t magically improved but still wanting/needing a moment of hope and joy). We especially loved hearing Amanda Gorman read her poem. So powerful and inspiring! We spent a few days afterwards learning more about her.

The next highlight was hair dyeing! Olivia had asked if she could dye her hair red so I looked at what I could find at the grocery store and found some fun, washable dye. So one Saturday morning in lockdown, that was our activity. All the girls and Steffen got into the fun (I was the official hairdresser). It’s been about 10 days so everyone’s is fading, but you can still see it.

Other than that, it’s been more of the same. Occasionally, the girls get excited about cooking/baking so whip up something yummy and/or fancy. Olivia and Luisa still love the Legos and regularly got lost in their made-up world. One evening Luisa gave us a fashion show, styled by Charlotte and Olivia. And Luisa had a video conference for her school interview. Steffen and I were running pretty regularly, enjoying some beautiful scenery in our condo complex. We also tried to get the girls outside every so often to climb or scooter or jump rope a bit. And of course, enjoying some screen time thanks to Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Luisa and Olivia watched all four Toy Story movies and Hannah and Charlotte re-watched the whole Harry Potter series!! We’re hanging in there, knowing that while it’s hard to stay home, it’s the best thing we can do right now.

This is our 100th post! Thanks for following along on our ever-changing journey. If you have a moment, leave us a note and let us know if you are also trying to make staying at “home” work or if you get to be out and about in your part of the world!

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  1. Liebe Julie, wir haben gerade den 100. Bloq gelesen und begeistert die Bilder bewundert, da kam schon der Bloq 101. Trotzdem möchten wir dir und euch am 100.-ten schreiben, wie begeistert wir sind, was ihr alles unternehmt, egal ob mit Kindern oder Steffen und du allein.
    Wir denken, dass es für euch alle trotz Corona eine tolle Erfahrung ist.
    Die Bilder aus dem Bloq 101 sind schon wieder traumhaft und wir hoffen, dass ihr in solch einer schönen Umgebung ein wenig entschädigt werdet und damit der derzeitigen Ausgangssperre etc. Paroli bieten könnt.
    Ich habe Steffen ja gesimst, ob noch zwei Liegestühle auf der Terrasse frei sind aber Ilse weigert sich momentan, nach Portugal oder irgendwo anders hinzufliegen ☺.Sonst wäre die Frage ernsthaft gekommen☺☺☺.
    Bleibt vor allem gesund und geniesst die Zeit. Wir denken ganz viel an euch.. Fühlt euch alle umarmt.
    Ich verabschiede mich nun mit meinen Initialen B.G. (Bleibt gesund!!!)
    Bernhard (und auch Ilse)

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  2. Hello All: so glad you were able to,watch the Inauguration. Joyous day here, big sigh of relief Trump. ,’
    is out of the White House.

    At present, upsurge of COVID infections and hospitalizations in SF/Bay Area. However, within the last week or so, some lockdown restrictions have been eased. I am double masking; ordering groceries on line from Safeway for home delivery. We are seemingly far from being out of the woods. Vaccination roll out not going well in CA — facilities are ready to vaccinate, but supplies of vaccine are erratic.

    Stay well and continue to enjoy yourselves.

    Love, Janet

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  3. Love reading all your posts Julia. I’m pretty tired of staying home and not seeing all my loved ones. It’s been a long haul. But yes, we too make the best of it.

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