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We’ve been traveling just over 8 months now! For the first three plus months we were in the camper, and I reviewed each campground that we stayed at. We’ve been staying at various rental homes (all found through airbnb), so I thought it would be fun to review those. In the past four plus months we’ve stayed at five different houses in three countries. Overall, every house has been great! But of course, there are always pros and cons….

Our first home was in Breezand, the Netherlands where we stayed for all of November. Breezand is north of Amsterdam, nestled between the IJsselmeer and the North Sea.

Pros: large and spacious home, fully-equipped kitchen and house, friendly and helpful host, space for the camper to be parked, very clean, nearby beaches are beautiful, very reasonable rental rate

Cons: it was a cold and dark time to be in the Netherlands!, very quiet area without much to do/see in immediate area

Charlotte says, “I thought the house was amazing because it was very pretty and had a nice backyard.”

Five out of five stars!

In early December, we drive for four days straight to reach the sunshine and warmth of Portugal. Our first home was in Nazaré, where we spent five weeks.

Pros: location! walking distance to the beach, big waves, restaurants and shops, nice neighbors that helped us feel welcomed, helpful host, some amenities (though they were closed), very reasonable rental rate, space for the camper to be parked

Cons: lacked a good heater, a bit run down, no clothes dryer during rainy season was annoying, not very cozy for a winter stay

Luisa says, “It was only a little bit good because the pool was closed. We went to the beach a lot.”

Three out of five stars

In mid-January we drove south to Portimão, Portugal for our next stay which is right in the middle of the gorgeous Algarve. We had learned a bit from our previous stay, so made sure to pick a house with an indoor pool and a good heating system!

Pros: very nice home that was comfy, cozy and well-equipped, great amenities (though they were closed due to Coronavirus restrictions), helpful host, very spacious, quiet neighborhood, space for the camper to be parked

Cons: need to drive to the beach (which wasn’t allowed under lockdown) and any restaurant/shops/sights

Hannah says, “I liked the pool. I just didn’t like that the hot tub was closed. And then everything was closed!”

Four out of five stars

Our next stay was also in the Algarve, just 30 minutes east of Portimão, in Albufeira. As we are always learning and striving to find a better solution, this time we looked for a place with a private pool (that no amount of Coronavirus restrictions could close!) and walking distance to the beach. Which turned out to be a very good decision because we were in strict lockdown the whole month we were there (February).

Pros: private pool, beautiful patio area, walking distance to a gorgeous stretch of coastline that was great for walks and beach playtime, very kind and helpful host, quiet neighborhood, space for the camper to be parked

Cons: house was a bit cold and closed off (probably perfect in the hot summers but not great for winter stays)

Olivia says, “It was cool! I liked the pool and it was okay that I shared a room with Charlotte.”

Five out of five stars

And finally, our current house in Estepona, Spain where we will stay until after Easter. This time we made sure to have a private pool and hot tub, as well as an easy walk to the beach.

Pros: very spacious house and backyard with lots of space to play and be, helpful host, space for the camper to be parked, house has a good flow and feels comfortable, close to things to do/places to see

Cons: neighborhood is run-down, nothing within walking distance (except beach)

**we are still exploring the area so might add more once we leave

Steffen says, “This house? Love it! The hot tub is ahmaaazing. And for the first time in 8 months, I have an actual office chair, and (also for the first time in 8 months), I can use the table I built.”

Five out of five stars!

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