Easter Sunday

We did our Easter celebration a bit differently this year, as expected, since we didn’t want to bring the girls’ baskets and plastic eggs through all of Europe. We are also trying to cut back on material items and those eggs are often filled with little toys that no one really needs. So the main gift for the girls was a 3-day horse camp they went to during spring break, but we still wanted to celebrate a bit on Sunday, so we told the girls that the Easter bunny would likely come to hide some hard-boiled eggs and blown eggs. On Saturday morning, the girls each painted a few eggs in preparation with some paint that we already had in our arts and crafts box.

On Sunday morning we had a lazy breakfast with lots of sweets. Olivia put together a delicious smorgasbord of treats! And I made some waffles.

Then the girls got their dresses on (matching, of course, though this time by their choice!) and we went for a walk to the beach.

Steffen stayed behind to wait for the Easter bunny, but he never came by! Then, right as we were at the corner by the house, Steffen spotted him hopping away! Very exciting. First, the girls searched the yard for the colored eggs. Hannah and Olivia had made their own baskets through recycled materials, and Luisa and Charlotte used some items from around the house. Love the creativity!

Then there was another surprise for the girls: a scavenger hunt through the house with a bunch of riddles that ultimately lead to the camper where each girl got a homemade basket full of candy and one special toy/game. They were thrilled and spent the rest of the afternoon playing and eating way too much candy! And Steffen and I got the treat of delicious ramen take-out. Win win!

Another wonderful holiday with our growing daughters!

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  1. Sound so as if a wonderful Easter. I love The matching dresses.
    Jan xo


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