Sunriver Getaway

most of my family 🙂

My sister and her family so generously rented a vacation home in Sunriver, a resort a few hours southeast of Portland for all of us to spend a few days. It was wonderful! Sunriver is a wonderful place for families with miles and miles of bike paths, a big swimming pool complex, a river, a cute village with mini golf and bumper cars and just the natural beauty of the area. We made the most of our five days there!

My nephew and his girlfriend were working at a nearby campground so came over for dinner one evening, and we had fun playing games, making pizzas, reading Garfield endlessly and taking oh so many selfies. Steffen took each of the kids on a short motorcycle ride at the end of the night! They all loved it. Uh oh.

One morning we headed down to the river and took two big rafts out for a float along the Deschutes River. It was relaxing and enjoyable, and even though it was overcast, a few of the children went swimming!

I took a few of the kids back to Portland one day earlier and they enjoyed some downtime with the kitties and (my favorite!) a trip to Round Table Pizza.

Meanwhile, the others had a fun last day complete with games, reading and a trip into Bend. Luisa had so much fun she passed out hard on the car ride home!

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