Day One: On The Road


On the afternoon of July 8th, our trip had finally, officially started! We drove a few hours north, then stopped at a rest stop so Steffen could work and we could all eat some dinner. The girls played some games, brushed their teeth and got ready for bed. We were relieved and cautiously optimistic.


At about 9pm we were ready to hit the road again for a couple of hours, with the goal to arrive at our campground in Denmark early the next afternoon. We go to start the car and the battery was completely drained. We had left the refrigerator plugged into the car battery power instead of switching it over to gas during our 3 hour break! Luckily, a kind driving instructor stopped to help us. Unfortunately the battery was so drained that our thin cables didn’t work. Then a truck driver who saw us struggling came over and lent us his thicker, more powerful cables. And the car started right up! We were on the road again. 

img_5802We have since bought the thicker cables! 

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  1. Ich freue mich über die neuen Nachrichten.

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