Gyvelborg Farm (part one)

Our first stop on our tour was Gyvelborg Farm in Nørre Snede, Denmark. I found it through a simple google map search, and it is a gem! It is very a very relaxed environment, perfect place for the kids to run free, the owners are very friendly and the grounds are gorgeous. There are two large fields where you can put up your tent or park your camper, and the place we chose happened to have a lovely morning view.


We all loved that there were so many animals. They have an area with a bunch of bunnies and guinea pigs that you can hold and pet. The girls fell in love!

They also have about 160 cows. There are pastures all around the campground and a big barn that we could visit. We went in one afternoon and checked out the cows–aren’t they adorable? We also got to see how they milk them.

Steffen noticed that one of the cows appeared quite pregnant, and he asked if she would deliver soon. Jellemien, the owner, said that possibly, and she would let us know if the calf was born later that evening. Steffen and the girls went up in the morning to find out that the calf had been born at about 3am. As they were checking it out, they noticed that something wasn’t happening, The cow was giving birth to the twin! It is extremely rare that cows have twins, and this one was turned the wrong way, so the farmer ran in to help. What an amazing experience for the girls to watch the birth of the calf! They were equal parts excited and grossed out. Definitely not something they will forget soon.

We are so happy that our first stop was a successful one!

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