Aarhus, a gem (day two)

We loved Aarhus so much, the girls and I decided to go back again on Monday. I read about an outdoor history museum, Den Gamle By, with a lot of fun activities for the girls, so we headed there first. They have sections on the life before the 1900’s, the 1920’s and the 1970’s. It was a really fun day of discovering old traditions, seeing how things have changed and learning a bit about Danish history. The girls were especially interested in the German occupation from 1940-1945. We played games, went on a carriage ride and tried traditional Danish pastries. A really fun day out!

Afterwards we walked over to the ARoS Museum to check out their amazing rainbow rooftop exhibit. It was a hit! So fun to see the color play, and the rooftop deck was beautiful.

From there we headed to a large park with wild deer that you could feed. I do have mixed feelings about these kinds of places, but there was a ton of space for the deer to roam, and they were able to get away from people, if they wanted to. And the girls were so excited! I brought four whole apples, so each would have one, but we quickly realized that the deer couldn’t eat the whole apple. So I pulled out my car key and cut the apples–I was there hero for the girls!

And then the shitty end to a really wonderful day: I ripped the bumper off the car pulling out of the parking spot. I had parked off the side of the road, down a bit of a ditch and had to gun it to get up the ditch and on to the road. I didn’t realise there was a small stump under the car and it ripped the bumper, cracking it as I pulled away. I freaked out, but Steffen talked me through it on the phone, and I drove slowly to a nearby hardware store where an employee so nicely taped it up for me. The next morning, Steffen and I found a repair shop that was able to order the part and fix it on Friday. I’m so grateful for Steffen’s calm personality!

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