Bergen, an unrequited love

We spent three days exploring Bergen, and I left with mixed feelings. I really loved it, but it felt like that love wasn’t reciprocated. 🙂 It just felt like I couldn’t get my groove going, exploring with the girls, and there were a lot of these sort of phrases.

  • “Sorry girls, I don’t know how much farther the walk is.”
  • “Sorry girls, I can’t seem to figure out the bus schedule. Maybe it’s running late??”
  • “Sorry girls, I guess the museum doesn’t open at 11am.”
  • “Sorry girls, I ran out of data on my phone so can’t access the maps or the bus schedule.”
  • “Sorry girls, we can’t afford to buy you each a $30 hamburger for every meal.”
  • “Oh, here’s another downpour. Run, run!”
  • “Luisa, don’t worry, I’ll rescue your shoe out of the two feet deep thick, thick mud puddle you just stepped in.”

You get the idea. But I honestly left feeling happy to have been there and would recommend the city to any traveller. We had three action-packed days (well, there was a lot of waiting, walking and wandering in between fun activities), so I’ll divide it into a few separate posts.

We found a campground that was fine (not super clean but the staff was really friendly and the girls loved the playground). It was about an hour outside of the city center once you do the walk, bus ride and walk, so it did make it difficult to get to all the places we wanted to see. The first day we headed to the tourist office to pick up the Bergen Card, which I actually wouldn’t recommend if you are staying outside the city.

The sun was shining, so we headed straight up to Fløyen with the Fløibanen funicular. It was amazing up there! First, the views. Second, the playgrounds. Third, the nature. We ended up spending a few hours up there. It was so much fun!

One of Steffen’s old table tennis friends (who has lived in Bergen for 13 years) and his family met up with us at the top. They were very kind and invited us over for dinner. We walked down to their house through a beautiful forest with some amazing views. Unfortunately, Charlotte had a bad fall close to the end of the hike and ended up with two scrapped up knees. Poor thing.

It was really nice to chat with adults, get the inside scoop on Bergen and enjoy a relaxing dinner together. The girls also had fun playing with their girls. A great end to our first day in Bergen! Time to catch the bus and head back to the campground….

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