Back to Bergen

On Tuesday, the girls and I headed back into Bergen while Steffen stayed at the campsite to do some work. They really wanted to visit the aquarium so we set off. After a lot of stops and starts and a long wait in line, we arrived at the entrance at 12:30pm. Just in time to check out the penguins and make it to the otter presentation.

We had a nice time exploring the rest of the aquarium. I always enjoy taking the kids to these type of places because you see their personalities what animals they are drawn to. Luisa loves all the reptiles, Olivia jumped right in at the touch pool, Hannah was fascinated with the sea lion show and Charlotte was happy to see a gecko from Madagascar, where one of her school friends is from. We all enjoyed ourselves and agreed it was worth the ordeal to get to.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Steffen and his friend and family and walked around the city a bit. We ended up passing by the university and then playing at a fun playground. There is no shortage of amazing playgrounds in that city!

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