Driving North; maybe, hopefully, eventually

On Wednesday evening, about 10 minutes to 11pm, we pulled over at a rest stop so Steffen could take a work call and the rest of us could sleep. We woke up Thursday morning to a gorgeous sight.


We all sat in awe for a bit. Then enjoyed breakfast at one of the best breakfast spots I’ve ever been to! Even the girls (who are getting a little tired of us saying, “look out the window, it’s so pretty!” the entire time we drive somewhere) were impressed.

Then we continued our drive, with the aim to head north towards the North Cape, but the route recommended by google was not camper-friendly. So we asked some locals for some advice and headed east (and maybe a bit south?) to get on a bigger road. Eventually we found the right road, and are on the way now! We drove through part of the Jotunheimen National Park. It was very pretty.

And then late in the afternoon, we found a beautiful campground where we will stay for two nights. Then on Saturday and Sunday we will have two long travel days, in an attempt to to get closer to the North Cape.


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