Last Day in Bergen

We had planned on leaving Bergen yesterday morning, but I felt like there were a couple of more places I wanted to see and we had our Bergen Card until the early afternoon, so we decided that I would take the girls into the city for the morning and we would start driving around 5pm. Of course, things don’t always go smoothly, so we had some starts and stops, but did get to do what we wanted to do. We started out at the Old Bergen Museum, only to find out while standing in pouring rain, that it didn’t open until noon.

So we hopped back on the bus and headed to the Rosenkrantz tower that I heard was neat. And the girls did enjoy it. It was hard to get photos, but there was a creepy dungeon, some tight, winding stairs and a few artifacts. The girls liked the king and queen outfits the best.

When we were done, the girls convinced me to take them on the giant ferris wheel.

Then we headed back to the Old Bergen Museum, crossing our fingers we got the information correct this time. And we did! It was a fun place where the girls could get a good idea of how life was 200+ years ago in Norway.

Afterwards we went back to the campground for a bit of housekeeping before getting on the road. The big girls wrote in their journals while Luisa and I did the grocery shopping. She did *not* want to come with me so I enticed her by letting her sit (in her carseat) in the front seat. She was thrilled!! So excited. She had me call Steffen to tell him and the other girls. And then when we got back, I had to run and get the whole family so they could see her. She was beaming. Then we packed up and were on the road around 7pm, so only 2 hours after our goal. Sounds about right….

another beautiful drive, complete with a 45 minute detour because of a wrong turn that took us through an incredible valley and up to the top of the mountain


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