Exploring Grønligrotta

One cloudy afternoon, we decided to would be fun to go to a nearby cave. The girls were reluctant to hop in the car, but they all enjoyed it. Hannah especially loved exploring the different passageways and was able to connect some of her knowledge from her geography lessons. And Steffen was able to take a few hours off of work and join us, which was really nice.

 driving to the cave

Grønligrotta cave, 20 km north of Mo i Rana, is the most visited marble cave in the Nordics, and is easy to navigate with stairways, walkways and lights. Inside the cave there is an underground river and waterfalls, stalactites and many beautiful formations which nature has spent hundreds of thousands years digging out. There is also one granite stone which has been left inside the cave by glacial forces, traced back to Sweden.

the granite rock


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