Dipping our toes into Finland

As I mentioned in the last post, we arrived in Finland on Sunday night (August 16th), staying at the Kaamasen Kievari campground for three nights. The weather wasn’t great the first full day, so we did our schoolwork and then took over the campground’s common room and built Legos all afternoon. The girls were thrilled!

We also took care of some business: tackling Steffen’s overgrown hair! We had stopped at one hairdresser in Norway to be shocked by the 53 euro price tag. So, after weeks of putting it off, I finally agreed to give it a try. I watched a couple if you tube videos and then prayed for the best. It turned out pretty well, but was too stressful for me! I think we’ll be looking for a hairdresser again in a few weeks.

The second day brought us playing and schoolwork in the morning, and then an attempt at a hike in the afternoon. We went to one spot first, walked a bit but quickly realized there was no trail. So then we hopped in the car and drove to Inari (which was recommended by a friend) and had a nice walk around there.

our first walk

Then on our last evening we decided to take advantage of this cool “fireplace hut” at the campground. We got some hot dogs and (as close as possible) s’mores supplies and had a really nice evening in there. Now I’m sure we need one in our backyard!

When we first arrived at the campground, we weren’t super impressed. But it definitely grew on us! It was right on a river and had a lot of space for the girls to run, so I think if the weather had been better, we would have had a better first impression. By the end we were glad we stayed 3 nights! We even squeezed in some time to teach the girls pool, and they are hooked. 🙂

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  1. I think you did an awesome job on Steffen’s hair Jul! It looks great! And I love that fireplace hut! So cool that you managed to find everything to make Europen style s’mores!! Keep up the great posts and photos!

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  2. Hello.

    Very warm-hearted post and fantastic photos. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

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  3. Very beautiful spot. Again. 🙂
    All those little building are fun too.

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