3 Days in Skarsvåg


We ended up spending three nights at the campground in Skarsvåg, Norway, about 13km south of the North Cape. Thursday evening we went up to the North Cape, Friday we celebrated Luisa’s birthday by staying inside all day weathering a (small) storm, and then Saturday afternoon we did venture out a bit, even though it was hard to rally everyone.


The campground had a great location, a beautiful little lake and lots of space for the girls to run. There were also a herd of reindeer that ran through one evening, which was the highlight! Unfortunately, the weather was a bit chilly with rain and strong winds off and on. So the girls played outside some, but we also ended up hanging out in the camper a lot. If you are planning to do a similar trip one day, I would recommend arriving in Norway in early June and making your way to the North Cape by mid-July, since our mid-August arrival was definitely the end of the season.

But back to Saturday afternoon. We took a short hike from our campground to the Kirkeporten, a really cool rock formation. It was chilly, but we all enjoyed the  fresh air and the views.

Afterwards we drove around the island a bit. Honestly, there isn’t much to see. There are a few fishing villages with some pretty spots but also a lot of weather-worn houses and bordered up buildings. We did walk around Honningsvåg a bit and stocked up at the grocery store before heading back to camp.


Then this morning we packed up and headed to Finland. The landscape changed drastically, from dramatic cliffs and fjords to rolling hills and small lakes. We ended up at  Kaamasen Kievari campground in the wilderness of Lapland. We will stay here two nights before heading farther south. If you have any suggestions of places to stay/see in Finland, let us know!


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