Fun in Tartu

hanging out at the Tagurpidi Maja museum

On Thursday we left Tallinn and headed southeast to Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. We found a nice campground about 15 minutes outside of the city. We spent Friday doing school and then playing and relaxing. It was a pretty campground on a beautiful piece of land.

A friend of a friend gave us a few suggestions of things to see in Tartu so on Saturday we headed to the Estonian National Museum which had a really interesting and eclectic collection spanning the 11,000 year history of people living on the land. There was something for everyone! We learned about languages, traditional clothing, fairy tales, the development of technology and toys and so much more.

After several hours there (including a delicious lunch), we went across the street to this super fun upside down house. It was so disorienting to be in there! But the kids had so much fun (and we did, too). A really cool experience that I think they will remember for a long time!

Then we walked into the city center and took a look around. It is right on a river, which I love, with a large park on one side. The old town centers on the University building, a lot of cool cafes and this statue that Luisa was obsessed with. 🙂

A great day to end our week in Estonia. Sunday we crossed into Latvia, where we were surprised to see no one at the border crossing after having read that we would likely be asked to do a 10 day self-isolation coming from Estonia. We drove another hour to our current campground in Guaja National Park and are loving it!

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