A Look at Latvia

We arrived in Latvia on Sunday afternoon, and fell in love with this beautiful campground, Kemping Apalkalns. It’s spacious, well-maintained and right on a lovely lake. The weather has been perfect and we have been enjoying slowing down a bit this week.

I had read online that the Latvian government was recommending that travellers coming from Estonia self-isolate for 10 days (because the coronavirus numbers are higher in Estonia than Latvia), so we were a little worried about what would happen at the border. But there was no one there, so we drove right through. It was a real relief! And I think highly unlikely that we have been exposed since (apart from the occasional museum visits and trips to the grocery store), we aren’t really around people. The campgrounds are very empty these days!

When we arrived at our campground in the Gauja National Park, and the girls ran straight from the amazing playground and I immediately started taking photos. So beautiful!

The next morning we woke up to another beautiful day. And I found a running path that goes along the lake a bit and then into the forest. Seriously so beautiful!

This afternoon we rented a canoe and paddleboat and went out on the lake for a couple of hours. It was so fun! A little bit of summer still sneaking in.

We are looking forward to spending the rest of the week here!

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