In Love with Latvia

We are absolutely loving Latvia! We have spent most of our time at this magical campground, Camping Apalkalns in the Gauja National Park. I already one post on it, but I just am so smitten! We have been alternating lazy days enjoying the sunshine and perks of the campground with busy days exploring the big city of Riga. I just wrote a couple of posts about Riga, and now I want to share a few more photos of the campground and area around it. We took the boats out on the lake a couple of more times, we went on a family bike ride, and I’ve taken a few more runs. It is so lovely here!

hanging at the campground

family bike ride (Olivia especially loved it)

taking the row boat for a spin

on my run yesterday afternoon (which is the same path we biked)

We will stay here until Wednesday, at which point we will head to Lithuania. We will spend some time there, then explore Poland before going back to Germany for a bit. We need to take care of some paperwork so will spend a week there in mid-October before going south for the winter.

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  1. Really fun to see all of these excursions and restful nature days in Latvia. My parents were supposed to go to Latvia this summer, but of course, the trip has been postponed. Enjoyed these posts. 🙂

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