A “Win-Win” Day

On Saturday we headed into Riga to explore, and we all had fun. In fact, Charlotte declared the day a “win-win” at the end! We all got a bit of what we wanted meaning we ended the day all being happy. Can’t ask for much more!

We started the day walking around the Old Town a bit, eating lunch at a restaurant with both pizza and “adult” food (a “win-win”), followed by ice cream.

Then we split up, with Steffen, Olivia and Charlotte heading to a music store and Hannah, Luisa and I heading to the post office. Both errands were unsuccessful (so I guess a “lose-lose” on that one), but we met back up and headed to a park we had passed through that had a bouncy house, some mini-cars and a cafe with delicious sweets where Steffen and I could relax while the girls played. Another win-win!

Then came the highlight: a canal tour where it was just us and the driver was so sweet. The views were great and it was a relaxing way to see the city.

We finished the day with dinner at a sushi place that also had pizza (not the best sushi but good enough), so that was another win-win! A fun day with the family exploring the gorgeous city of Riga. It really is so beautiful, both in architecture and all the darling cafes/restaurants/bars that have these beautiful outdoor patios. It’s hard to describe, but I’n eager to come back one day and spend more time exploring the nooks and crannies.

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