Farm Life in Germany

On Sunday afternoon we crossed the border from Poland to Germany, and the girls were so happy! We drove through a few cute towns to arrive in Preddöhl, a (very small) village where we spent a few days. Even though we are 450km from home, the nature and climate is very similar. Something about my run on Monday afternoon felt very “German.”

We stayed at a wonderful farm with bunnies, horses, donkeys, sheep, cats and huskies, run by two very kind women with lots of space for the girls to play. It isn’t a campground per say; they usually run camps or class trips and have a couple of rental apartments but were very accommodating when we asked if we could park our camper in the middle of their courtyard.

On Monday afternoon the girls and I took three huskies out for a walk, and then Wednesday morning all six of us went out again, this time with four dogs. They have these wonderful belts for leashes and two kids could hook up together, since some of the dogs are quite strong and eager to run. It worked out really well, and now we really want them when we get a dog next fall.

After each walk, we spent some time in the enclosure with all the digs (they have seven total). That was Luisa’s favorite time because she loves to hug them! Well, everyone loves to. 🙂

We all really enjoyed our time there, and we were so grateful for the owners’ flexibility and accommodation. A fun way to start our few weeks in Germany!

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  1. Huhu, viele liebe Grüße von Viki an Olivia! 🙂

    Und natürlich auch von uns an euch alle! Danke für die schönen Einblicke, wir schauen gerne vorbei!

    Anita und Deva mit Viktoria

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