Good Friends at the Ostsee

After the farm, we headed northwest to the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) where Luisa’s best friend and family were spending a two-week holiday, in the small village of Kalkhorst. We parked our camper in front of their rental home and spent two wonderful days together. The girls were so happy to be reunited!

There was a big storm the day we arrived, so the next morning we headed down to the beach to look for treasures. The bigger girls had a great time searching and discussing finds with the father, and the younger girls had fun being goofy together.

Then next day we drove into Boltenhagen for ice cream and a walk along the pier. It’s such a cute town! And the water was beautiful.

Otherwise, we spent our time in their lovely vacation home, chatting while the girls played. It was really nice to spend time with the whole family. We hope to meet up again sometime during the trip. Everyone really enjoyed themselves!

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