Big(ish) Waves

On Saturday morning Steffen and Luisa took off early to let the rest of us sleep a bit and to grab some breakfast. They came back and said the waves were big and the surfers were out! So we walked over and were able to see some pretty impressive waves. It started out pretty foggy but cleared up and we got some good views!

The girls picked out these ponchos from a vendor in the plaza and have been wearing them nonstop ever since. And Charlotte lovingly refers to them as “Ponchogals”.

This time we decided to go into the lighthouse area that has the best views of the waves as well a small museum with some information about the area. If you look carefully at the water, you can see the little dots of jet skis and surfers out in the waves.

After awhile the girls got bored, so we headed down the cliff towards to “downtown” Nazaré. The walk down was gorgeous, and we found a delicious pizza/ice cream place where we had dinner. We then took the tram back up the hill, where they had this miniature Christmas village set up that the girls all loved.

This adorable cat crossed our path, and the girls were convinced we needed to take her home. 🙂 They even named her Minke. Crazy kids. 🙂 All kidding aside, we love their kind hearts and love of all animals. We did give her some water in a nearby bowl.

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