Grutas de Mira de Aire

I was looking around online for things to do in the area and came across the biggest cave in Portugal, Grutas de Mira de Aire, about 45 minutes from Nazaré in central Portugal surrounded by limestone mountains. There is a small “zoo” you can look through while waiting for the tour to begin.

Then it was time for our tour. It was us and one other couple plus the tour guide. We had to wear our masks, they gave us plastic gloves and we all maintained distance, so it felt very safe. And the cave was amazing! The photos do not do it justice. It was huge and the colours were gorgeous. Steffen and I both though it was the most impressive cave we have ever visited. Well worth the trip!

A little info for you

They found another cat in the museum after the cave! Everywhere. they go, they find animals. 🙂

Portugal is famous for its painted tiles. They are on the sides of buildings, street signs, dishes etc. I’m sure. I’ll be sharing various tiles throughout our stay here. In the small town where the caves are, Steffen and I spotted a couple of beautiful street signs.

On the way home, we spotted this castle on the hill and had to swing by, Porto de Mos. Beautiful!

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