Óbidos Photoshoot

When we lived in California, a dear friend who is a professional photographer took our annual family photos. I’ve been missing having those mementos so when I saw a local photographer was offering family photoshoots on airbnb, I contacted him and set a date. We met up on Wednesday afternoon in Óbidos, a small town located on a hilltop, encircled by a fortified wall and a well-preserved example of medieval architecture. Simply beautiful! Here are a few of our photos of the town.

The photographer, Gonçalo Costa, took a ton of beautiful photos, so I divided them up into a few different groups and put them in slideshows, for those of you interested in seeing them all. Enjoy!

Here are the ones with all six of us…

All the girls together and a few of them paired off.

Olivia Marie, age 8

Charlotte Genevieve, age 10

Hannah Isabel, age 12

Luisa Rose, age 5

Julia and Steffen, ages 41 and 43

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