Nazaré Round-up

We’ve been in Nazaré for almost four weeks now and are falling more and more in love with Portugal as the days go by. The people are so friendly, helpful and kind! While we have been getting out and exploring, we have also spent a lot of time in the apartment. Here are a few photos I snapped over the past couple of weeks.

Hannah, Charlotte and Olivia all enjoy playing the keyboard
decorating a few more “Christmas” cookies
Olivia, Luisa and I did some Christmas shopping and saw this adorable village

Charlotte and Olivia created a perfume buffet where we could vote on our favorite scent

When the world went into lockdown in mid-March, I started reading the Harry Potter series to Hannah and Charlotte. On Christmas Eve we watched the final movie! I loved this special time with them.
Charlotte loves her little drone she got for Christmas
working together to build the Harry Potter lego castle
Olivia spoiled us with breakfast in bed one morning . She did so well!
One night Luisa begged to sleep in our bed. She’ll always be our baby!

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