Portimão House

our current home

We arrived at our next stop last Sunday afternoon and have really been enjoying it. The house is lovely and has a very good heating system which makes us all happy after a very cold week. 🙂 It is spacious, well-equipped, and has some great amenities. It is a stand-alone home in a large complex of similar homes. There is a communal area with an indoor pool, outdoor pool, hot tub, tennis courts, playground and restaurant. It has great potential but, of course, Covid-19 (and winter) has greatly reduced the offerings. The indoor pool and tennis courts were open the first week, and now as we are in lockdown, only the tennis courts are open. But we have a nice patio and have been running around the complex to get some exercise. We are all really happy here!

One evening Olivia and Charlotte threw a party complete with sweet treats, games and music. I love their creativity and ambition!

And then they got really into the idea of running a restaurant. They wrote up menus, took our orders and were in charge of all meals for a couple of days. It was really fun!

And, of course, we’ve been doing our schoolwork. Luisa has gotten really into school the last couple of months, and now she can officially read in English and German (single words). We are so proud of her hard work! We also recently marked day 90 of school so we are halfway through our school year. Crazy! It has its ups and downs, but overall I’m so thrilled to get to see their progress, learn more about each of them and am glad to share this with them. And Steffen has remained a faithful math teacher. 🙂

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