Lockdown in Albufeira

We have been in strict lockdown for two weeks in Albufeira (and two weeks before in Portimao) and just yesterday heard that the lockdown will continue (at least) until March 1st. We’ve already made plans to move on to Spain on February 28th, so we won’t really get a chance to explore the area. Which does make me sad. But we are doing our best to keep our spirits up.

I was able to order the girls’ absolutely favorite treat as a surprise: Lucky Charms!

We’ve been baking and cooking (of course!). I made a new zucchini cake that was delicious, Charlotte and Olivia tried their hand at fondant for the first time, Hannah baked a two-layer cake, and we had some fun with pizza.

We’ve been keeping up with school: sometimes at the table, sometimes by the pool and sometimes snuggled up in bed.

We’ve also gone on a bunch of walks in the surrounding area, just leaving our house and walking along the coast. Sometimes we go all together and sometimes just a few of us. It always feels good to get out and get some fresh air! And it’s absolutely beautiful here.

We had a string of overcast, rainy days but recently it’s turned sunny and warmer. So we’ve alternated between playing in the pool and keeping occupied inside with creative play. We are so grateful to have this house with great outdoor space and a location near the coast. And with beautiful views of the Atlantic. Hope you’re all hanging in there, too!

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  1. Received your postcard from Portugal. Very sweet of you to take the time. Thank you! Loved pictures of the coast and your current dwelling. I am enjoying following you around on your journeys. Seems as if the pandemic/virus spread keeps popping up/plaguing us. Same here in US/CA. Vaccine still in limited supply; vaccinations concentrating on those 75+. I am not quite there yet. Keep enjoying yourselves. Jan xo

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