Sunday Hikes

The past two Sundays we have gone out for longer hikes, one time heading west along the coast and the next week heading east along the coast. I’m not sure where we will head this Sunday! Out on a boat so we can go south?? 🙂

On Sunday, February 7th we woke up to several texts from friends and family at home enjoying a rare snowstorm that just kept coming! The girls were a bit sad to miss out, so we made sure to get out and enjoy the natural beauty here. I know all these photos start blending together, but it really is beautiful (and we aren’t doing anything else right now).

Praia de Galé

After off and on rainy days, we enjoyed a string of beautiful days late last week, over the weekend and early this week. We went on another lovely hike on Valentine’s Day and found this great beach where the girls could play in the water and we could relax a bit.

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