Albufeira Lockdown, part two

As I’ve mentioned many times, Portugal has been on strict lockdown (ie. only grocery stores and pharmacies open and only essential driving) since mid-January. So our last two weeks in Portugal were much the same as the four weeks before: hanging at home, doing schoolwork/work, taking hikes and playing at the beach. Luckily we were in a beautiful spot! I do have to say, we did not really like the city of Albufeira (it was touristy and rundown) but the beauty of the Algarve more than makes up for that!

we watched movies all snuggled in bed together
the girls experimented with fondant

we went on some speed hikes dates for exercise and time to reconnect

playing at various nearby beaches to keep things interesting

Steffen and Olivia snuck away on a hike date as well

Steffen got a (much needed but not exactly as planned) haircut

passing the time and bonding at home

on the last evening we picked up pizza to go and drove down to the beach for the sunset

After almost three months, it was bittersweet to leave Portugal. We loved the natural beauty, the friendly people and the mild weather. We just wish we could have explored more. But we will be back one day!

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