Other End of the Province

On Sunday, March 21st we jumped in the car and headed for the eastern edge of Málaga, with no particular aim in mind. We ended up in Nerja where we ate lunch and walked around, checking out the Balcón de Europa, the town and finally, the Fountain of Europe. (The Fuente de Europa fountain is a symbol of Spain’s membership of the EU. The fountain is built from 16 separate stones, 15 from other EU countries, donated specifically for this purpose, and the last one from Nerja itself.) The water was gorgeous and the town had some cute streets, but it wasn’t anything special.

Then we drove a bit further towards Maro, stopping by the  Acueducto del Águila on our way into town. Such a cool feat of engineering! Maro is super small but also beautiful.

Then it was time to head back home, with a quick drive through Torremolinos, another beautiful beach town!

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  1. Lovely! So fun getting your updates.


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