A Quick Look

Just wanted to post a few photos of what we’ve been up to the last two weeks. We are still loving the house (it is impossible to get the girls away from the pool and hot tub), and Steffen and I discovered the beauty and deliciousness of old town Estepona. So many good restaurants! So many adorable sidewalk cafes with twinkly lights and lovely plants! I love it. Here’s a quick look:

And a couple of short stories.

We found a frog in the pool one day, and I quickly fished him out and watched him hop away. A few hours later, we opened the hot tub and another frog hopped from the side right in! It took us a few minutes to get him/her out, and we were really worried (s)he had been cooked in there. Charlotte made sure (s)he was in the shade, had water and was protected from little feet. And after a few hours, little froggy hopped away!

Olivia was playing cards and was about to make a mistake. Steffen tried to coach her, and she looked right at him and said, “These are MY mistakes, not your mistakes. You need to let me make MY mistakes.” Good life advice.

Steffen needed a technician to come and fix his computer, so one day he woke up to a notification on his phone, “Jesus needs your location.” It gave him a bit of a start, but then he realised that the technician’s name was Jesus, a common name in Spanish-speaking cultures. We talked about it with the kids for a bit and then thought nothing of it. A couple of days later Olivia asked, “Papa, wasn’t God coming to fix your computer?”

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