Taking Alpacas for a Walk

One of the highlights of our stay in Germany was taking a walk with the alpacas and the girls’ aunt and uncle at nearby Aabach-Farm Alpakas. We all had a great time! The alpacas were so sweet and happy, and the forest we walked through was gorgeous. We were worried we would be rained out, but it turned out to be perfect weather.

First, we walked around the farm and the guide picked out the correct alpaca for each of us. They were in the middle of shearing the animals so some were still fluffy and others were already ready for summer. She found the perfect animal for each of us!

Once we were all settled, it was time to walk!

It was really fun! It’s always good to find an outdoor activity with animals that feels coronavirus-safe where we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Thanks for the invitation, Tante und Onkel!

Categories: All, Germany, kid-friendly

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