Olivia turns 9!

On Wednesday, May 19th Olivia turned 9! It’s amazing how quickly these girls are growing up. We had decided to self-quarantine for two weeks before our (original) flight date to ensure we all got a negative cover test so we would be able to board the flight, so we kept the celebration small but still special. We had our traditional cake for breakfast, lovingly made by Charlotte, Hannah and Ilse.

And of course, presents! Lots of presents. 🙂 This winter, Olivia and I read a series of American Girl books that I had bought before our move and she got enamored with Josefina and her story. So back in February I ordered the doll and a piano from the States, and my father-in-law was kind enough to store them these past few months. She was so excited! She also got a few other treasures and spent the day happily playing. That afternoon we had “coffee and cake” with her aunt and uncle followed by pizza. A great day for our smart, strong, beautiful, determined, kind nine year old!

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  1. Happy Bitthday, Olivia! I like the tradition of cake for breakfast. My birthday is one day after yours — I am considerably more than 9 years old and probably had cereal and blueberries for breakfast. Loved seeing all the photos of your special day. Janet


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