Two Weeks in California

We’ve been in Southern California for two weeks now and have been having a great time! We are staying with my oldest sister and her family, and have also been spending time with my dad and stepmom and one of my oldest friends/college roommate/travel buddy and her family.

We had a lovely afternoon at my dad and Cheryl’s house one Sunday.

We spent Memorial Day at the dog beach at Del Mar. It was a bit cloudy but still warm, warm enough for the girls to swim! It was so fun to see all the different dogs running wild.

We went over to the condos in Oceanside to swim one afternoon. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, you had to reserve spots in the pools and could only stay for an hour in each pool, but it was actually more relaxing that way. Because the kids had to stay put (instead of asking every five minutes to switch to a different pool) and it forced us to explore a bit, swimming in a pool I’ve never been to after going there for 25 years!

And the finally, we met up with my friend and her family. First enjoying some time in Old Town San Diego, then heading over to their house for swimming and a delicious BBQ. The kids got along so well!

A note about Covid-19 here, since I have been writing about our different experiences in different countries. We joke about covid being over here and it kind of is. Everything is open (restaurants, stores and many events), though masks are required inside and there are plastic shields and increased distancing where possible. The vaccination rate is high and the infection rate is low, so it does feel pretty safe. It also helps that everyone we know is fully vaccinated and we are on our way (except for Charlotte, Olivia and Luisa, which we have to be careful about). It feels much more relaxed that Germany did; maybe similar to Spain while we were there (though the infection rate was much higher in Spain). We have one more week here and then we start making our way up to Oregon.

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