Back on the Road

Flying from Europe to the United States is a bit more involved these days, requiring additional paperwork and PCR covid tests, but we got it done. We moved our flight up on a Thursday to the following Sunday, so there was a whirlwind few days of packing and getting everything in order, but on Saturday, May 22nd we left Germany for the next part of our adventure, this time leaving the camper at home.

departing July 2020
arriving April 2021
departing May 2021

Since we had an early flight on Sunday, we decided to spend the night at a hotel close to the Frankfurt airport, which was a great decision. We found a reasonably-priced parking lot near the airport where we could leave the car for two months, and the company offered to pick us up from the hotel, drive with us to the airport and then take the car to the parking lot. An amazing service! Let’s just hope we see it again. 🙂

The flight was smooth and the girls did so great! We all basically sat in out seats and watched movies or read. No one slept much but it was fine. We were thrilled once we existed the airport and found my dad! He generously picked us up and then him and my stepmom leant us their big car for the duration of our trip! So kind.

We arrived at LAX around 1pm, and Steffen, Hannah and I were at the Walgreens near my sister’s house around 4pm for our first Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The pharmacist was a bit surprised when we announced we had no driver’s license (just our passports as ID and Steffen’s is German) and no health insurance. But we got it done! We will get our second dose on June 13th and are feeling a lot less stress when out and about (it also helps that case numbers are very low here). So thankful for science!!

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