Sacramento Stop

When we were able to move our flights up by a week, I came up with the wild idea of squeezing in a few days with my closest friends on the drive from Southern California to Portland. We went back and forth on location, but ultimately decided that convenience was king. We found a fabulous airbnb in a Sacramento suburb with a pool that the kids rarely got out of during our three-day stay. There was also crafting, hair dressing, game playing and lots of laughs.

Two of these ladies I met in kindergarten and the third has been my lifeline since freshman year of college. They are kind, funny, super smart and I feel so lucky to walk through life with them.

It was so wonderful to have a few days to re-connect, especially since it had been a few years (our last trip to US was summer 2018) and those were rough years for me. Due to covid we did limit the people we saw, but all of these friends were fully vaccinated, very careful and it was so important to me to spend time with them. I’m so glad it worked out! Hopefully it won’t be another three years….

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