The Cliffs of Møns Klint

a look at the Danish countryside and small towns we drove through

We had originally planned on going to the northern point of Denmark and then taking a ferry to Norway, but the ferry is very expensive and we heard that we could drive through Sweden and still be permitted to enter Norway. So we did that. And as we were looking at the map, I realized (with a bit of a detour) we would be able to see the Møns Klint, chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. It was a bit sketchy driving the van and camper through the narrow, forest roads to get to the parking lots, but totally worth it! They were stunning.

 It’s a series of several staircases to get down to the beach where you can see the cliffs. It’s the longest staircase in Denmark at 493 steps. The girls did great and didn’t complain once. Though they were tired once we got back to the top! On the way down they made it a game on jumping, which freaked me out a bit in the beginning. 🙂 

We walked along the beach, took a million photos and the girls ran free. The girls found a few pieces of chalk and had fun writing their names, playing tic tac toe and making a treasure hunt for others. A love how comfortable they are in nature and how they can find anything to play with. I credit their Waldorf education for this!

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And a few shots of the gorgeous natural beauty. Steffen did a great job of capturing it!


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  1. Gorgeous! Wonderful that you noticed it on the map. You are real explorers. Jan

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