A Day Off


Sometimes we just need a day of no travel, no sightseeing and no program, so on Tuesday we relaxed at the campground overlooking the Lyngen Alps. When we arrived on Monday evening it was cloudy, so we were thrilled to wake up to this:


We did some school work in the morning and Steffen worked, but then in the afternoon, the girls played and played while I worked on the blog, got some housework done and went for a run. In the beginning of our travels, specifically when we were in Oslo, I felt frantic, wanting to see everything but knowing that I had to get certain chores done and also knowing we all needed a slow pace every so often. But I quickly realized I would be doing and dishes at home, too, and I’d way rather be doing that stuff interspersed with amazing views, new experiences and fun adventures.  So we see what we can see (and love suggestions, even knowing that we won’t get to most of it!) while still living life. The girls are also pretty good at letting us know when they want a day at a campground to just chill. And I’m more than happy to chill when it looks like this!

The campground had a teepee that the girls absolutely loved! On Tuesday night they all wanted to sleep there, but around 11pm Charlotte came back to the camper and around midnight Olivia came back. Hannah and Luisa lasted the night!

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